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Zoom Training @ Home!

Why not train from home? With all the comfort, convenience and none of the travel, Zoom is an idea way to learn from home. It also saves you money too. Whether it's a professional presentation, interview, social media or podcast, let me help you gain more skills and confidence!


I can also train you to get the best out of your public appearances using Zoom itself, with workshops in the morning, afternoon or day courses for up to 10 people, from absolute beginners to regular users.


For more details, click Contact on the menu above.

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Innovation and Invention
Great new clients! FuturaGene with its charismatic founder & CEO Dr Stanley Hirsch. It's a friendly and talented team based in Rehovot, bringing technological and biological innovation to the world. 
FuturaGene is a biotech company putting development technologies and Israel on the map, while improving agronomic traits, yields and environmental sustain-ability in plants and forests.
The future is 
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Make Your Rabbi Rock!
Your Rabbi is a gifted Torah scholar, wise, knowledgeable and loved by your community  But that doesn't make him a good speaker in public, and and engaging communicator.
Why not get them trained in this specialist area of public speaking? Over one hundred Rabbonim and Rebbetzins trained to date. 
A big thanks to Britain's four largest Jewish organistations, for continuing to use my unique coaching methods to help their community leaders to face their congregations, the public and the press with confidence!
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Power Lunch with the Guru.
I was invited by Israel's start-up hi tech Guru, Hillel Fuld to a power lunch.
It was a great day; the sun shining on Hertzliya's Marina-with a great view. The food was fantastic and the conversation amazing.
Here's a little extract that I edited from his edit-to give you a flavour of it all-including the stake.
Hillel is a generous fellow and describe me as "Israel's most experienced media trainer".  So, if you want a hand "polishing your message" and the way you deliver it, just get in touch and judge for yourself the difference I can make to your presentations. 
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Speech! Speech!
Talking of public speaking, I am always happy being asked to speak at Conferences, Seminars, Charity Events and Universities. It's always a good sign when you're asked back for another event!
I have been lecturing students at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Israeli & European Politics and separately on Anti-Zionism & Antisemitism.
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I've spoken at Emunah, the AACI, the Israel-Britain Chamber of Commerce, Hertzliya Cutural Club and more. 
If you're looking for an entertaining breakfast, lunch or dinner speaker, a media expert or a broadcasting editor with amazing experiences to share, get in touch!
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So, I made this video because people ask me what is speech, presentation and media training? 
Really it's about giving people the confidence to talk in public, because they know they going to do well, in content, speech and delivery.​ 
Not Everyone's a Natural.
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